LAX FOR THE CURE (2026, 2027G/W, 2028G, 2029G)

Player Self-Roster/Waiver Instructions:

1) Go to: 
2) Under the Player and Coach Registration Wizard, select Click Here to Begin/Edit a Player or Coach registration and waiver.
3) Opt to use either your Family Account login or create a New Family Account.
4) Complete all required fields, read the waiver(s) and check the box that you agree with the terms.
5) You must enter a USA Lacrosse number valid through the tournament dates.

If you need help, please email:


CONTINENTAL CUP (2023, 2024, 2025, 2026)



TOP THREAT CHAMPIONSHIPS (2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027G)

Click Here to begin the process:

  • Look for the heading: Player & Coach Registration and Waiver Wizard
  • Select Click Here to Begin/Edit a Player or Coach registration and waiver and proceed to the login screen
  • On the registration screen, when you enter your Club Name, your Club Team options will be available (if club is pre-filled, enter it again to refresh your team options)
  • Complete all required fields and click Submit Registration
  • When successful, you can view your Player on the Public Rosters on the homepage.
  • Completed rosters and waivers are due by 6/1/2022.

MID ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIPS (2024, 2025, 2026, 2027G)

  • Registration / waiver emailed from tournament

SUMMER GENESIS (2024, 2025)

  • Registration / Waiver emailed from tournament

THE IVY (2027 G/W, 2028 G/W, 2029 G/W, 2030/31 G/W)

  • Coming Soon

SUMMER SLAM (2027W, 2028G/W, 2029 G/W, 2030/2031 G/W)

  • Coming Soon

LONG IRELAND YOUTH TOURNAMENT (2027W, 2028 G/W, 2029 G/W, 2030/31 G)


SUMMER BOLT (2028 W, 2029 W, 2030/31 G/W)