“My daughter has been a part of Sound Lacrosse since she was 10 years old. This program has helped groom her into a confident LAX player, and more important, a confident young woman. In our small town of New Canaan CT LAX is a mainstay of our community. The Sound Lacrosse program offers an intense, consistent and fair development program for young athletes dedicated to taking their game to a higher level. The Sound program is highly intensive, and yet offers an inclusive environment that promotes sustainable growth for the individual athlete and the team. Caitlin understands youth player development, and her program truly respects the financial and time commitment parents provide in their support of the Sound Lacrosse program. Sound delivers on its promise of excellent player development, supportive environment, and ultimate results on an individual and team basis”

2022 Parent

“My daughters love Sound Lacrosse. They feel very well coached and love their teams.
Aside from being an overall incredible experience, the caliber of this program provided the ability to be seen and recruited by the top coaches in the country. Being the only Connecticut team ranked in the top 10 in the country last fall (fall 2018) was a great accomplishment and we feel lucky to be part of such a top program”

2020 & 2024 Parent

“Caitlin Copelan has built an exceptional and unique girls club lacrosse program. Soundcrosse has been established by Caitlin as a nationally competitive program with integrity and class. My daughter joined Sound two years ago and our enjoyment level with club lacrosse has improved dramatically. Caitlin runs the program with a hands-on approach. She has attended nearly every one of my daughter’s games and works tirelessly for all of her teams. By keeping her program small — with one team per graduation year — she has been able to support her players with maximum involvement. This is not a program just about taking players to tournaments – Caitlin personally runs first-rate intensive training sessions, and hosts recruiting seminars with college coaches for her players. Our Sound team consistently plays in the most competitive brackets at the most competitive tournaments in the country. At college recruiting camps this past fall, our Soundcrosse association placed my daughter in the most elite micro groups at the most elite schools. I can’t say enough good things about this program. This is what a club lacrosse experience should be like.”

2021 Parent

“Sound Lacrosse is an organization that challenges girls to meet their full potential while working under the tutelage of an amazing coach and director, Caitlin Copelan! Sound Lacrosse is a competitive club that instills a love for lax, promotes confidence in players, and ensures positive team dynamic while steadily growing each player!”

2022 Parent

“Caitlin knows your strengths as a player and takes the time to get to know you as a person, she’s the best!” “Our team and the Sound Lacrosse organization is like a family.”

2022 Player

“I enjoy playing with SoundCrosse. The girls on SoundCrosse are very welcoming and the coaching staff is top-notch. I feel that the coaching staff at Sound takes the time to develop each player. I enjoy playing off-season in clinics and also playing in tournaments. The clinics focus on developing stick work, shooting, dodging and the fundamentals of the game. In tournaments, we are able to apply all our skills, love for the game and show our talent. The coaching staff is excellent and they share their passion for the game with all the players. SoundCrosse looks to develop a player on and off the field. Leadership qualities on the field also translate to leadership qualities off the field. I enjoy playing with SoundCrosse and I am proud to be a Sound player”

2023 Player

“Caitlin held a meeting in September individually with all her players.  In my meeting, she highlighted where she thought I was as a player and the level of college lacrosse she felt I could play at. She reviewed what I could expect going forward.  But more importantly she paid attention to my goals as a student and what type of school I was interested.  She mapped out how the process would proceed and the timing for when schools would begin reaching out to me. 

She coached me through calls and helped me sort through all my options. She helped me eliminate schools that were not a good fit and made the process manageable by only presenting the schools that I should consider based on our discussions.   As a result, I was able narrow down the list to my top six schools quickly.  Caitlin encouraged me  to visit my top schools to ensure I made the most informed choice possible and that I would never look back wishing I had.

I was very lucky to have choices. The important thing was that I received the guidance to ensure I made the right choice. No matter who you are, when you arrive at Soundcrosse, Caitlin treats you as if you were her own child. Sometimes it is hard to accept advice that differs from you own view.  But understanding where you fit is more important than ending up at a school in which you are unhappy or do not play.  I could not recommend a program more highly or feel better about my decision to have become part of the Soundcrosse family. Thank you Caitlin!”

2020 Player